Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The Best Ever Football Kits?

We've all seen the new Newcastle United away kit, unfortuately (sorry Newcastle fans), and after seeing this I decided to do some research into the worst football kits of all time.

After little more than five minutes I found a couple of absolute gems, courtesy of the Mexico national football team. Two shirts that I couldn't believe were on lists of the worst ever to be made.

If we're honest, some of the clothes around in the 1990's were hideous, as were some of the football shirts, but Mexico got it absolutely right when they were designing their goalkeeper's kit for the 1994 USA World Cup.

The two kits, with the second (below) being from 1996 look like something Will Smith might have worn in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, which means that they are so incredibly rubbish that they have become brilliant!

Why are we being made to look at horrible yellow Newcastle kits when we have been shown such wonderful examples of what kit designers can do? I demand that we see more kits like these, whose with me? No?


  1. Jorge Campos, Mexico's keeper at the time, designed these himself. He's a Mexican legend -- not only for the kits, but also because he was a very good keeper and even moonlighted as a forward. He scored some crackers, both for Mexico and his club teams.

    But yeah -- he's well-known worldwide almost exclusively for those kits. My brother owned like 6 of them growing up.

  2. That's brilliant, I had no idea that he designed them himself. That's some impressive knowledge. I wish he was still designing kits, it would be fantastic if he made a kit designing comeback.

    Does your brother still have these kits or has he got rid of them since they were around?

  3. This football kit in the era before, that is a idea of ​​Guards. Now the football kit is still very trendy.